Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Picnic Narrative

The sun was blazing down on us, making us feel hotter every time we took a step. Our whole school walked  down to the reserve for our school Picnic. We found a good spot to place our bags and before you could count to 3 we all ran got equipment to play with.

After a while we got our togs on and were ready to swim.We were lucky enough to jump of the rocks. Everyone wanted to jump of the rocks. When I jumped into the water, it felt like I was stuck in a freezer, It was soo COLD! We were bombing, diving, swimming and everything. Until we started to see things swimming in the water. It definitely wasn’t any of us because we were all jumping of the rocks.

Everyone was puzzled and started to worry. We were all curious about what it was but not only that they kept on coming! It was freaky. At that moment everyone rushed out of the water. They started to come closer and closer and closer until they we right in front of you. They were sea monsters. Everyone started screaming their head off.

My friends and I were stucky started to crowd us. We didn't know what was going to happen to us. So we gave them our bag and they started to eat our lunch. “They must have been hungry” I said to my friends. I thought they were going to hurt us but turns out they were just hungry. Everyone wasn’t scared anymore and wanted to play with them. They stayed a little longer to play but they missed the water and wanted to go back.

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