Saturday, November 26, 2011

Athletics Day

Our Athletics day was on Wednesday.On Athletics Day we do activities like shotpot,discus,Javlin,Triple jump,Sprints,Softball throw and High jump.My favourite activity is discus.My lest favourite activity is Sprint because im not that fast.

Friday, November 25, 2011

How many words I can type per minute

Typing Test Score

This is how many words I can type in a minute.Click here to try.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Im going to Capsize

                                            Im going to capsize!!

Have you ever been sailing? I have never been sailing until now.I think that I might be all right at this activity. We had to choose if we wanted to go in doubles of by our self. My group all chose to go by our self.

Im not as good is I thought I was.When I tried going in a straight line I ended up turning.But after a while I got use to it and started to get a little bit better.I didn’t capsize which was good but my sail was like a swimming pool.

Guess what I saw when I was sailing?I saw a black little penguin swimming.I wanted to get close to it and have a good look at it but, again I ended up going the wrong way.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Great Camp Expirance

As I put one foot into the water, it all most changed my mind about jumping off the pontoon. So I quickly dived in to get warm but it made me feel even colder .I was relived when I touched the slippery steps on the pontoon.
Finally I got onto the pontoon. I was much warmer now.But instead of me being cold I was now scared that I would hurt myself if I jumped off.

But when I jumped off my fear had gone away, and I wanted to jump off again and a whole lot more times. I also did a couple of bombs, which hurt my back. One of my favourite jumps that I did was when you spin around and splashed into the water.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Camp Benzon

In one more week we are going to go to Kawau Island for a camp.I can’t wait to get there.

It is called camp Benzon on Kawau Island.You can’t get there by bus you have to get there by a ferry.

On camp there are alot of intresting activties that you can do like Absailing,jumping of the walf,orentering and a whole lot of activties. Absailing is when you ride on a yaht and you ride on it.There is also a Burma trail where you hold onto a rope that goes through the forest.In the day time you have to be blindfolded but at night you don’t have to be blindfolded.

I am looking forward to making a raft because it will be a great experience and it wikll be funny.After we make the raft we will have to try it out which will be the funny part.

I think that my challange would be trying to go to sleep with my friends because we would want to talk about our day.I hope we don’t get in trouble.

I can’t wait to go to camp and start doing activties.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going to the Zoo

"Cool the Zoo I haven't been to the zoo in a long time", when I found out that we were going to go to the zoo.The last time I went to the zoo was seven years ago.I can hardly rember anthing about the zoo.We went to the zoo because it was my cousins birthday, and she was turning 8.

I was kind of bored in the beggining because, the animals didn't really do much and there wasn't anything to see.I wished I could stay at home and watch Tv!BUt after a while I started to get intresting.Espically  all the new things they had.

We saw a man playing with the elephant and told as a but it.One of the intresting facts that I heard, was that elephant can't eat throught their trunk also, Its trunk is very soft inside even though it looks like it is strong outside.But it can still move very heavy thing with their trunk.

My favourite animal was the massive tourtise.Its was bigger then a lot of the animals in the zoo.It weighed 1 ton.I was suprised when I heard.Even thought it just lay they I was suprised how big it was.

After all I enjoyed going to the zoo and I would time to go again another time.It made my weekend a fun weekend.