Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 paragraphs about BlackBeard

BlackBeard was a notorious pirate who terrorised the Caribbean seas on his boat the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Some people think that he was born in 1680 and that his real name is Edward Teach. His pirating career began in 1716 when he started to strike terror in the hearts of the Americas colonies by staling drugs,sugar and gold.

He had shaggy black hair and had a crazy appearance. He called himself a ruthless person. He was strapped with knifes and pistols . As he was a pirate he liked to wear scruffy cloths.

Canterbury Earthquake

Canterbury Earthquake 
On Saturday morning at 4am there was a earthquake that happened in Christchurch. People say that the measurement of the earthquake was 7.1 on the Richer Scale. The earthquake was 10km below the ground. The people in Christchurch were shocked that an earthquake had hit them.

The earthquake caused lots of damage. It destroyed 100 000  houses, so that meant that there was no power because the power cables were broken down from all of the destruction. There was also no clean water to drink. From all of the house that collapsed the place was littered with bricks and rubble.There were massive cracks in the ground.

The earthquake caused many dangers for the people of Canterbury. Some people came to put the power back on but  the power went of again. The sewage pipes were broken as well so people had to boil their water before they drank it all around the place.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the weekend on Saturday night we made chocolate chip cookies. My brother and I were going to do most of the work. First we got all of the ingredients and the things we needed to put the ingredients in. My brother was excited about making the cookies but I was excited about eating them after we made them.
First we got the the mix and put it in with 1/2 a cup of water and then put in 1/4 of oil. My brother and I were mixing and we wondered why it wasn’t sticky. It wasn’t sticky because we forgot to put in the egg. We were laughing. So we put in the egg and it went normal how it was supposed to be.
After we mixed it we were now going to put some of the mixture on a spoon and make it into a ball and then we could put it into a baking tray. Finally we were ready to put our cookies in the oven. So my Mum preheated the oven and put them in.
In about 15 minutes our chocolate chip cookies were ready. We all got to have two each to eat. I like making cookies but the BEST bit was eating them.