Friday, November 30, 2012

Our fun day!

“Your first task is to create a christmas tree out of the things provided on the on the task paper” said Mrs Nua. The supplies we had were 9 A4 coloured paper 1 meter of tin foil, 20 sheets of newspaper and 2 fruit bursts. Also the tree had to have at least 4 branches, and was able to stand up by itself and you had to be able to move it around without things falling of. We were split up into 7 group. The key for success was team work.

The christmas tree sounded like a easy idea but really it was quite hard especially when you had about half an hour to make it. We decided to make a tree that has newspaper for the main part and coloured paper for decorations and the branches. Also we took out the fruit bursts out of its wrapper and use the wrapper to make a snake as one of the decorations.

Luckily we were able to finish in time.The song we sang was silent night. After morning tea we had 1 more activity. It was a mixture of running, catching, making and also using a big slingshot. It was my favourite activity.

It was a lot of fun and I hope we do it again.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Were I am from

Where I am from I see coconut trees
Where I am from I smell the saltiness of the sea
Where I am from I hear Joy and laughter
Where I am from I can taste taro
Where I am form I can feel the waves of the sea
Where I am from I can feel the hot sun burning down on me

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Forest Narative

“How much longer do we have to walk for, this bag is so heavy, why can we just camp here “I puffed. “We'll find somewhere soon”said Mum. “Ok then”replied Ashleigh. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. The blazing sun didn’t help either it just made me even more tired.

Finally after a two hours walk, not really two hours but it felt like it. We stopped to eat some lunch. “Hmm this is really nice but I think we should carry on “ said Mum.”Ohh do we have to move on now”I said feeling a little bit annoyed. “Yes Come on” replied Mum

While walking almost everywhere mum finally said ”This looks like a good place to camp lets camp over here”. I was relieved when I heard that. While unpacking our stuff we both looked at each other thinking the same thing.

We forgot to pack one of the most important things. The Tent! I mean how could we forget. Quickly we had to come up with a plan, because night was falling and we didn’t want to sleep on the ground We decided to to collect some sticks, leaves and some moss for the bedding. We were making a hut for us to sleep in. It sounded easy but it was quite hard, especially trying to get things when you have to hold a torch in one hand.

The coldness shock my body giving me goose bumps. I wish I was at home in my nice warm snuggly bed I thought to myself. But there was no time to think. We had to get stuff for our hut and fast.

Luckily we made our hut and used our matches to make a fire with some wood. My mum and I got into our sleeping bags and snuggled up next to each other. The fire helped a lot too.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Barnyard Narrative

“Come here Vivienne and Osana quickly,” called out Tom to his small chubby dogs. Turning the corner he noticed something but couldn’t see because of the dark. “Come on girls lets go check that out,” “Wow an abandoned barn,” Tom sprinted to the door. “Errr,” went the door as he entered with the two dogs. All he could hear was footsteps but they had stopped.

”Ohhh freaky house” whispered Tom.  Getting closer and closer to the end of the hallway the debris got worse “Slam!!” “Woof Woof “screeched Vivienne as she was getting dragged into a room. “Vivienne NO!!!” Tom shouted with anger, “Osana come here,  Osana, OSANA!,”

Tom searched everywhere but had no luck, ”I wish I never came here” he sobbed, “Oww,” one of the dogs winned. Suddenly another thud, “Viv, Osana are you there,” silence filled the room as he headed towards a small door for him just to fit in. “Err, bang,” the door slammed behind him. He started to freak out as a weird sound was approaching him, “Arghh.”

To be continued...

Thanks to Jarna for helping me write this story.