Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comparing Picasso and Matisse

Ms Squires Gave us the task of comparing 2 artist called Picasso and Matisse.Matisse and Picasso were born in the same era.Matisse’s art teacher thought thought that he would never be a good artist, but Matisse was determined to become an artist.

At the age of 16 Picasso’s father enrolled him in Spain's most distinguished art school, Madrid's Royal Academy of San Fernando. He struggled to listen what the teacher was saying.Picasso’s style was cubism and Matisse’s style was fauvism.Picasso and Matisse became lifelong friends.
Even though Picasso and Matisse have both drawn pictures of women they have a different themes.Picasso theme is war and Matisse doesn't have a strong theme as his painting is showing no feelings.

Picasso’s lines are big, bold and bright black.Where Matisse’s lines match with the
vibrant colours he used.Also Matisse has used bright colours like yellow, green and orange. Picasso has used natural colours.The texture of the painting are different.Picasso’s is smooth and Matisse’s is rough.

Even though Picasso and Matisse have both drawn pictures of women they are completely different.They both have different styles and are different texture.I like both of the pictures.

Playing Kiwi Kick

The sky was grey with clouds. Goosebumps were covering my body.With wind blowing giving me a cold shock.Standing there waiting for us were two people called Sam aka Sandwich and Mick.He told us what we were here for Kiwi Kick and started to tell us alittle bit about it.”I hope it doesn’t rain.

Before we could start our skills we played a little warm up game called continues tag.Everyone is in you have to tag people.If you get tagged you have to watch the person that tagged you and when they get tagged you can stand up and tag other people.

One of the skills were learnt were called the drop punt were you hold the ball in front of you and keep the laces away from you faces.We had to kick it to our partner.There is a pass called a hand pass where you have to close one of your hands and  hit the ball kind of like volleyball.

To help us expand our skills we had learnt we played  a game where you aimed at Sam the netball post and if you get them you get points for your team.We were split up into two teams one called Penguins and the other teams called polar bears.We used to punt kick skill.Yes i said with excitement as i had just got a point for my team the Penguins.But at the game the  Polar Bears had won.

It was alot of fun learning how to play.In a couple of weeks we will be playing Kiwi Kick and I cant wait.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Seeing The Avengers

"Quickly get ready we're going to go out somewhere"said my mum."Were are we going"thought to my self.

After we got ready we hopped in the car.After a couple of minutes wait we made it to Sylvia Park.We were going to watch the Avengers."Yeah"we said.Also we were going to watch on the big screen.

We were the first people to get into the Cinema.All of a sudden the whole cinema was packed there wasn't even one seat left.We had to wait for a couple more minutes for the movie to start.

About a quarter way through the movie there was a fault and the whole screen went black.It was right in the middle of the interesting action bit.For about 15 minutes we had to sit there waiting for them to fix it.

After 2 and a half hours the movie was finished.I wanted to watch it again.My favourite character in the movie was Iron man because he has an iron suite and he can fly.

The movie was really cool.I would recommend this movie.