Monday, September 19, 2011

Polar Bear

The Polar Bear is the largest bear in the world. Polar Bears live on the ice, Arctic ocean and the North Pole.

The polar bear has a thick coat of hair to keep it warm.They walk on their strong legs. It has sharp teeth and sharp claws, on their paws. On their paws they have little bumps on their to give them grip on the ice.

Normally polar bears live by them self.But the cub lives with is mother for two and a half years.The mother polar bear protects it and teacher it how to hunt for food, so that when the cub grows up it will know how to hunt for food.

The polar bear hunts seals as its main food.When the seals come up to breath air, the polar bear uses it paws and its sharp claws to flip the seal over onto the surface of the ice.

A polar bear in the wild can live for about twenty years.But one polar bear in zoo had lived up to forty one years.

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Prediton about the game New Zealand vrs Japan

Did you hear that there is a game. It is New Zealand vs Japan.They are playing in Hamilton on the 16th of September at 8:00.My predication is that New Zealand will win and that the score will be around 37-23.GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rugby World Cup Launches tomorrow!!!!!

Did you know that the 9th of September is the day that the Rugby World Cup starts, and guess what? It is tomorrow.It is the war of the Rugby World Cup.  The game that starts off the Rugby World Cup is Tonga vs the All Black.The cool thing about that is that the All Blacks will be doing their haka and the Tongan team will be doing a chant. My prediction is that the All Blacks will win and that the score will be round about 37-12 to the All Blacks.It is in Auckland at Eden Park.GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!