Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake

The 22nd of February was a devastating day,for the people in Christchurch.As an earthquake had struck once again destroying everything in it’s path.It was was one of New Zealand’s Darkest Day’s.

As it was a devastating sight for almost every one, as building’s collapsed with people trapped under falling rubble and derbies.It was a sense of devastation and chaos.Some building’s collapsed right to the ground and some got destroyed in places.

People were traumatic,frighted and also worried about people in there family's if they were still alive.Some people that got rescued were badly injured. It was heart breaking to see all of the people badly injured.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Seed

We read a story called the Seed.It was about 2 cockroach groups called the Chafes and the scarabs.One day a seed dropped right in the middle of there territory. They both tried pulling it to there side at the same time but none of them manged to pull it over there side. So the captions of each team dicied to have a war just of the seed. It took years just to get ready making armor and prepping our weapons.But as they got in there places for battle they found out that they seed wasn't a seed any more it is now a tree growing plums.The branches were going on each sides so they could share the plums.
The End

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our New Netbooks

With our new netbooks, we can use them at any time and at any place, as long as we are in G.I other wise, we won’t be able to connect to the Internet.It is also good to have a netbook so in the future when we need it we can use it.

First I carefully unboxed my brand spanking new netbook,as well as the charger.We also had to sign an agreement,to say that we will look after our netbook.Before we could do anything on our new netbooks,we had to set up our new login.

It was frustrating when the the Internet disconnected, because we had to go back to writing on paper with pencil.Some of the things on our netbook were confusing.It was also overwhelming that we can do anything on our netbook.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Holiday HIghlight(Going To The Pacfic Island Study)

“Mum when are we going to go to the fun day for the Pacific Island Study” I yelled.”We are going to go now so you can go in the car”replied my mum.

Finally we were all in the car and ready to go.As soon as we arrived I could see bouncy castles,people shooting hoops and also people relaxing under the tree.There was alot of things that we could do.

First we got greeted by a lady who gave me a t-shirt that said Pacific Island Study, and asked me if, i wanted to write my name on a piece of paper and i will be in a draw.The draw was free family passes to Butterfly Creek,the movies and Rainbows End.They were going to do the draw at the end.

We were lucky because everything was free.I also got a big stick of candy floss.

While eating the big stick of candy floss a man was signing on the stage. After he sang a couple of songs, a person said that they will be playing games soon.The games were shooting in the basket ball hop, and doing some relays and having sack races.I decided to go and shoot some hoops.The rules were if we get one in we get a rubber band but if we get it in 3 or more times in we get a prize like a water bottle,jandles or a t-shirt.I ended up getting a water bottle.

Later one one man introduced us the man from laughing Samoans. He told us some jokes and he also handed out some prizes as well as having a lollie scramble.Then they handed out the
draw but unfortunately i didn’t get any thing.Now we were ready to go home.