Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake

The 22nd of February was a devastating day,for the people in Christchurch.As an earthquake had struck once again destroying everything in it’s path.It was was one of New Zealand’s Darkest Day’s.

As it was a devastating sight for almost every one, as building’s collapsed with people trapped under falling rubble and derbies.It was a sense of devastation and chaos.Some building’s collapsed right to the ground and some got destroyed in places.

People were traumatic,frighted and also worried about people in there family's if they were still alive.Some people that got rescued were badly injured. It was heart breaking to see all of the people badly injured.


  1. Hi Ashleigh!
    I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Al.

    I recently heard of the earthquake in Christchurch just after I commented on another student’s blog at the same school you attend. From what I understand it was a very strong earthquake that caused lots of damage and injured lots of people. It truly was heartbreaking to see and read about the earthquake and what has happened because of it. I hope that Christchurch is able to rebuild, and all of the injured people have a speedy recovery back to good health.

  2. Hello there Lee Hughes
    Thanks for the comment.It was sad when I heard about the earthquake.I thought it was very heart breaking to see all of the crushed buildings and how they didn't know where there family was.


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