Monday, July 26, 2010

My 10th Birthday

"Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you" said my brother while I was snuggled in my blankets. I started to open my eyes when I said cheerfully "Yes it's my birthday today," as I was yawning. I threw back my covers and ran down to where the sitting room was. I was watching TV with my brother until I heard the phone ring. I said hello and then someone sang back to me, it sounded like my Nana. She was singing "happy birthday to you happy birthday to you"
I was right it was my Nana. We talked for a little while and then I had to hang up because I had to get ready to go out because my dad was taking me shopping. My dad dropped by and picked up me and my brothers for my birthday outing.
We were going to the movies to watch Karate Kid. We were waiting in line until we saw that The Karate Kid was sold out. I had been really looking forward to watching the movie but I had fun looking around shops and I was lucky enough to get a game for my Nintendo. I gave my dad a big to thank him for the presents and the awesome birthday he gave me!

New Topic For the Term

As soon as we got into the Hall I saw that all of the teachers were dressed up for this term’s new topic. Most of the teachers were dressed up as pirates.
Before the teachers did any items Mr Burt showed us a little movie to give us a clue about our topic this term. We found out it is called Mighty Mariners.
Suddenly It was time for Team 1’s Item. They had made a movie with an animation. The animation was about the 7 waka’s coming to New Zealand. My favourite team was Team 5 because Miss Tito was funny when she pretended to be Jessica Watson. She was a person who sailed around the world by herself. The Assembly made me want to learn more about Jessica and what types of sails and boats mariners used. It was great finding out about different sailors that had travelled to places they had never been before. Chengho is one of our mighty marinas we are learning about. He had 62 big boats that he used for holding water, gardens and horses. This meant that they could go on longer journeys to explore the world. Did you know that he also had 238 smaller boats to carry 27,880 people with. I enjoyed the Immersion Assembly.I can’t wait to learn about Mighty Mariners. I’d love to hear about other people’s favourite Marinas.