Wednesday, September 25, 2013

D.L.O Reflection

Brooklyn & Ash DLO from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

For our DLO we made a movie about Princess Diana’s Death.The purpose of making this movie was to inform people about  how Princess Diana died. We got into a group of 3. I was with Huelo Ata and Brooklyn.

What did we do well?
The things we did well was that we finished the movie on time.
What could I do better next time?
We should’ve but in a photo of princess Diana because there was no photo of her. The news background was too babyish. Also Huelo-ata was talking while I was talking in the small picture

Because we finished on time we got the opportunity to fix up the movie and turn out negatives into positives.

I think it was a good experience because we found out a lot of information about Princess Diana.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Term 3 highlight

This term has gone very fast and there were heaps of fun memories. I have many highlights from this term. But my favourite would have to be about our dance crew Insanity, the production that is coming up,our netball shared lunch and basket training from kiwi sport.

Our netball shared lunch was celebrated with our other 12 netball teams.We got together in the hall and sat down in our team lines.We also had to sing a song to get food. We joined up with year 8 team 2. We sang Dora The Explorer. There were 4 tables full of food.It was delicious.

My next highlight is our dance insanity. It is a dance crew made up by us year 8’s, and we are performing in the school production 60’s The Quest. We are dancing to freeze-Chris Brown and Tpain, Turn up the music-Chris Brown and Kiss Kiss by Tpain and Chris Brown.

This term has being heaps of fun. It has flown by fast and I can’t wait to start next term.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Technology Routation

Every Tuesday and Thursday we(year 7 and 8s) get the opportunity to go down to Tamaki collage for Technology.We are focusing on 3 subjects Hard Materials, Food and Graphics. So far I have been in two rotations(Hard Materials and Graphics). The final rotation is my favourite Food!

For the first term I went to graphics. The graphics teacher name is Mr Nobel. We made posters and drew pictures. We also used a compass to help us draw perfect circles.

For the second rotation we made a necklace out of pewter. We had to make a template out of wood. Then cut it out. My template was a turtle and I was making it for my mum.After the pewter was poured into the template we had to file it and sandpaper it. Then the teacher Mr Grundy polished it for us.Then it was ready.

I think going to Tamaki college for technology is a good because we get to learn new things and use machinery.Its also helps us year 8's learn more since were going to college next year.