Monday, May 7, 2012

Seeing The Avengers

"Quickly get ready we're going to go out somewhere"said my mum."Were are we going"thought to my self.

After we got ready we hopped in the car.After a couple of minutes wait we made it to Sylvia Park.We were going to watch the Avengers."Yeah"we said.Also we were going to watch on the big screen.

We were the first people to get into the Cinema.All of a sudden the whole cinema was packed there wasn't even one seat left.We had to wait for a couple more minutes for the movie to start.

About a quarter way through the movie there was a fault and the whole screen went black.It was right in the middle of the interesting action bit.For about 15 minutes we had to sit there waiting for them to fix it.

After 2 and a half hours the movie was finished.I wanted to watch it again.My favourite character in the movie was Iron man because he has an iron suite and he can fly.

The movie was really cool.I would recommend this movie.

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  1. Hey Ashleigh,

    Great writing. I enjoyed reading about your first experience of watching Avengers. There were a few grammar mistakes but other than that it was awesome. Keep up the good work.



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