Friday, March 22, 2013

Homeless Lady Narrative

Looking out the car window I noticed a homeless solitary figure. Beside her she had oversized bags filled to the brim, filled with old scruffy clothes. She had a tin full of food scraping every last drop. She was wearing a ragged red and black tartan skirt with a large waterproof jacket and old worn shoes.

I felt really sorry for her. I wonder if she had anyone to look after her. She must feel abandoned and hopelessness. As she was just sitting there she was looking at people go past her hoping someone would lend her money or food.

Suddenly I saw some people go up to her and started to talk to her. Her eyes lit up and started to smile at them. They also gave her some food and money. Then they sat next to her. They must know her. As long as she was happy now.

On our way back from the shops I looked in the spot she was sitting at and noticed she wasn’t there any more. I wonder if she was in a better place.

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