Friday, March 15, 2013

My softball Experiance

"Catch the ball" screamed everyone. It was the beginning of our softball tournament and we were fielding against Tamaki's softball team. We were lucky we were allowed to go and play softball for the whole day. Not only that but we were challenging all of the schools from east. Also if we won we would be going to Auckland Champs. Looking at all the team that were playing, they looked very competitive. We were all up for a challenge not only to win but to represent our school.

After 2 innings we found out it was a tie 4-4. Even though we didn't win it was better than losing and it was good for our first game. We did 3 cheers for them and them moved on to our next opponents, St Heliers. At the end of the pool matches, we ended up winning 2 games and drawn 2 but never lost a game which means we advanced into the quarter finals.

Finally Playing in the quarter finals against St Thomas, we were also playing against an old friend Teresa. She used to come to our school. We were all desperate to win this game. Luckily after the second innings we won. Finally to the finals against the hardest team in east, Bailey Road. They are known as the undefeated champs for years.

As we lined up we found out we were batting first. Both Jaylee and Rita got a home run. Up next was me. Everyone was counting on me to hopefully get a home run. Butterflies started to appear in my stomach. First try i got was a strike and then another strike if i got one more strike i would be out and that meant it would be side away. Finally on the last pitch i was lucky enough to get a single. Also we ended up winning 3-0. That meant we were going to AUCKLAND CHAMPS!! and so was our year 7 girls team. It was the first year having 2 teams competing on the same day sat auckland champs.

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