Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Harlem Shake!

Most people are asking what the harlem shake is, and how do you do the Harlem Shake. It is a dance, a dance where you act like a lunatic and go crazy. It has heaps of views and different videos on youtube. Check it out for yourself.

Our class had the opportunity to make our very own harlem Shake video, with the help of our teacher. With costumes, masks, umbrellas. It was crazy we all looked like lunatics but I guess thats the whole point of the dance. It was heaps of fun. After editing the movie it looked really cool.

If I could change anything about the Harlem Shake? I reckon Its perfect just the way it is and so AWESOME! Its probably one of the craziest dances ever!

If you search up Harlem Shake on youtube you will notice there are heaps of covers and different people who made their own Harlem Shake Video too. Also some video’s are set in some weird places like underwater, skydiving and even in in meetings. Even Barack Obama has a video of him doing the Harlem Shake.

Check Out Our Class Harlem Shake

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