Wednesday, April 3, 2013


What do you think the significance of Easter means to you? To me I think that the true meaning of Easter about how Jesus was crucified. He was nailed to the cross slowly dieing. After that they also put him in a tomb and covered it with a large rock so no one could get in. After 3 days he resurrected. Jesus died on the cross to sacrifice himself for us, and take away our sins. Thats why we celebrate Easter.

That also meant that we had a long week end of with 5 days of school. But the days went past so fast. It felt just like a normal week end. Not only was it a long week end it was 5 days of eating chocolate and yummy hot cross buns.

Also we we left school on Thursday the whole school were lucky enough to get a packet full of Easter eggs. They were donated to us from Variety Club. It was a great way to start our Easter Holiday.

On friday since there was no school my brothers and  I ended up playing outside for the whole day with my neighbours. We rode on our scooters and were lucky enough to go into their house and play Black Ops. My neighbours names are Shane, Jacob and Quaye. It gave our mum a chance to relax.

The weekend went fast but at the same time it was a nice holiday. We were even lucky enough to get Easter Eggs. I got a ferrero rocher bunny and also a big Dairy Milk  egg with little eggs included.  It was heaps of fun.

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  1. Ha ha ha I did have a good rest thank you Ash for about 2 hours :)



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