Thursday, March 24, 2011

Year 5 and 6 School Camp

Yes the time finally arrived. It’s camp week! I was packed and ready waiting for us to start our activities.

The first place we went to was Swimarama.As we entered the pools I was excited because,we could go on the hydro-slide when it was our turn on and we could also have a swim.I got to go on the hydro slide I was excited but I had goose bumps.We all waited patiently in a line.Like the water going down the water slide I went really fast slipping and sliding with the water splashing into my face.

Now we got to see our tents.We saw all the tents.It was a little tent city.We started to move our bags and squeeze them into our temporary camp homes.But the wall's of my temporary house seemed to be flimsy.I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to sleep in the tent because when it rained I properly would get wet.

I was am a little tired but I was ready for the day.We had 3 activities that we were going to do.The activities were Kayaking,Cooking and Orienteering.

My favorite activate was Kayaking.It was fun except a little hard paddling it.Their were 2 types of Kayaks one was a single and the other was a double so two people can go on at the same time. At first I went in a single.I found it quite easy.But when I went in a double it was kind of difficult.I fell over once though.

One of my other favorite activate was Orienteering.I was a cool experience with using the Compass.Although I found out that you had to do it accurately and don’t rush at doing it.The aim of the game was that we had to us the compass and we turn it to what it tell us to turn it on and once it showed us where to go we and to follow it.

I felt a bit tired after doing Kayaking and Orienting properly because,I didn’t have a really good sleep.But we did have one more actives on our agenda.The actives was cooking with Miss Flavel and Miss Mitchel.

Yum for cooking we were going to make afghans.We followed the recipe though.It was fun mixing all of the ingredients toghter. Just like other biscuits we put them in the oven and waited, for them to cook.It took about 15-20 minutes.

Camp was a cool experience.Being able to sleep in tents,kayaking,Swimerama,Cooking and playing a game called Squash.I had a lot of fun.

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