Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sad Japan Earthquake

An extreme force of nature,hit the coast of Japan over the weekend.The people in Japan were all in terror.With no warning an Earthquake and a tsunami had hit them.It was a magnite 8.9 quake,a double disaster from the Earthquake in Christchurch.

It was a terrifying sight for everyone in the area of the Earthquake.They have been through alot of Earthquakes so some of the building's were made,for them to still stay standing during the Earthquakes.It was just of the coast of Japan not to close to Tokyo.The Earthquake caused thousands of people to evacuate from the place.

The tsunami was another force of nature.It was about 30 feet tall and about 10 meters.It was as tall as a wall of water.Sweeping everything in its way out to sea.Everything got scatted like toys.All most the whole coast of Japan was engulfed by water.

A lot of people in Tokyo deiced to depart to another place,because what had occurred to the people off the coast of Japan.some of the people in Tokyo were terrorized.

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