Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playing Cricket

Yes I always wanted to learn how to play cricket with a pro cricket player. The people we will be training with are Hammit,Robert and Chris from the Auckland Cricket team.The one thing I wondered though was if I would be good at it.

We were all siting down listening attentively to Hammit as he was telling us how to do the front foot shot. The first instruction was that we had to get into groups of four, and go to the where the wickets.After we did that we had to hit the tennis ball in the middle of the 2 cones. I manged to hit the ball a little a meter a away from where I hit it,but I didn’t manage to hit it between the cones.

After we learn the front foot drive we manged to play a little game of cricket when you had to hit the ball and touch as much wickets as you can.As we got on the last player of the team it started to become a close score but they just passed out score. It a fun game.The score was very close.I had a lot of fun.

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