Monday, June 10, 2013

Participating in the 20 hour famine

At 6:30 we all arrived at the school library, eager to go hard out for the hungry! I put my belongings on the side and made my name tag out of blue paper because this year I was in the blue team. We also got a sticker that had our names on it as well. We had started our famine at 12pm (just before lunch) on Friday.

The 20 hour famine is a program to fundraise for the unfortunate kids in Bougainville,  Papua New Guinea.We would be going 20 hours without food just to experience what it is like for them everyday.

After everyone arrived we got into our team colours. The team colours were blue, yellow, red, green. Our first task for the night was to get into our group and make up a little chant that we were going to perform. After a while Mrs Tela called us all to get into our group lines for our first game for the night. We were playing Charades followed by Pictionary, which kinda failed because the youth ambassadors arrived earlier than expected. They came  to tell us more information about what why we were doing the 20 hour famine and what it really means.

They organised a game a little bit like the amazing race but instead it all about us experiencing the life in Bougainville. We had 4 checkpoints and they were Water, food, education and making a house. This was to show how they live and the difference from how we live.

I would like to thank Devyn and the world vision youth ambassadors who had come to visit our school to tell us more information about the famine.It was heaps of fun meeting you guys and also playing with you.I hope you had just as much fun as I did.    

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  1. Hi Ashleigh,
    This is a good piece of writing. You used good language and writing skills to take me through the day's events. Well done.


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