Friday, June 21, 2013

Creativity Reflection

We felt very excited yet annoyed at each other because we all had different ideas. It was pretty fun doing this task because we got to work with who we wanted to.

The thing that we found most interesting was when we had to pick a Michael Jackson song which was very difficult. Then finally we found a song.

The things that we didn’t enjoy was when we had to animate parts of the movie. It was pretty hard because we are very bad at drawing.

What we did enjoy was when we had to film the movie and look at the finished product. I think that our movie would be very cool.

The thing that we learnt during this task was co-operating properly with each other. It was very fun doing this together.

The thing we have to work on next time is to plan better. We wasted alot of time so there is another thing to work on as well. ``

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