Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What Really In Our Food (Eggs)

New Zealanders eat about 920,000,000 eggs per year.  89% of the eggs we eat come from caged hens. Caged hens never see the light of the sun. There are often 6 hens in each cage. Cages are on an angle so the eggs roll down. Caged hens don’t have enough space to move.

Free range eggs have a big outside space to flap their wings, run around make a nest. Every now and then they have a dust bath. They eat grass and chicken feed. But only 9% of our eggs come from free range hens.

Eggs are easy for our body to digest and have lots of protein. Most people think that most of the protein is in the white part of egg. But the yolk is where most of the protein is. Just because we have 2 colours of eggs (brown and white) there is no nutritional difference between them.

The other 2% of eggs come from barns. In a barn they have unlimited food and water.They lay eggs where ever they want and at night time people pick them up to take to a conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt is a machine that scans a light though the eggs to see if it has any blood spots.

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