Friday, May 24, 2013

Trip To Omapere

After a 4 and half hour drive we finally made it to omapere. We were staying in a little apartment that was just across the road from the beach. We also had a balcony that had a had a great view of the sea. We were staying there for 4 days.

My highlight of the holiday was going onto the sand dunes. If you don’t know what the sand dunes are the sand dunes are hills that are made out of sand. You also get a boogie board so you can slide down and if you want you can slide into the water. Its a lot of fun.

When I went down I skidded across the water. The water was freezing it felt like i was in a freezer. It was also very tiring going up the sand dunes but so much fun going down. We stayed there for an hour and got picked up by the people the people that dropped us of.

On Monday we had to go to My mums friends wedding.They were getting married in a little church.It was a good little service. After the wedding we went to the reception. Te reception was at a Marie

It was heaps of fun and I hope we can go there again.

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  1. HI Ashleigh. You showed great language skills in your report and incorporated pictures well to illustrate your fun times. Looking forward to reading another post from you very soon.


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