Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Fiafia Assembly

As I walked into Assembly I saw teachers wearing island lays. Mr Burt was wearing one too. Chitter chatter started to appear in the room, everyone curious about what was going to happen.

Before everything started we had the drummers come out (Levi, Tana and Lave) to drum a beat for Mr Barks. He was doing a crazy dance mixed with an island dance. He looked like a lunatic, but he got everyone laughing.

Suddenly Ulli, Henry and Hosanna came out onto stage. They started to sing “I Believe”. I wonder if they had butterflies, I know I would have butterflies if I were up there. As they finished there were applauses showing how amazing they were.

After that you couldn’t hear a word as everyone waited patiently to see what would happen next. Then Kingston came out and blew the conch shell as that was Gabriels que to come out and perform his bit.

Gabriel came out all dressed up in pupu’s holding a Taiaha. He was representing his maori culture. Rita came out as well representing Samoa. With her knife doing the traditional dance.

We even had a dragon with some people doing karate moves. Everyone thought the performance was over but there was one last act. They bollywood dance. It was the last act to finish off our fiafia assembly.  

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