Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Technogoly Challange Part 1

“Cool were going to do a technology challenge”I said to my friend

Miss Ouano told us to construct something that would take a marble from the desk to the ground but it had to have one turn or bend in 10 minutes. But we were limited to only 1 meter of cello tape and 6 pieces of news paper.

Our group quickly discussed about what stragtie we were going use to make our tower. We had though of different type of good strategies but we couldn't chose with was the best idea. So we deiced to go with all our idea and but them toghter.We rolled up papers stuck them toghter and even scrunched up papers to.At sometimes we were arguing about what to do but we did it any way.

I feel that we did a good job and that we all tried our best.It was standing and the marble did go through.Other groups could’t make it stand so I am happy that ours was standing.Even thought our was simple I was still fun to do.

If we had a chance to do it again I would at lest do something that would make it different and give it a good structure.Also we would work toghter more because that's why we had a couple of arguments.Also that we would think of things that will help the tower and different ideas from other groups.

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