Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Trip To The Maritime Museum

Have you ever been to the Maritime Museum?Well I have been there.Our whole class went to there with room 14 and 18. We went to the Maritime Museum because our topic that we were learning about this term is about ships and Mariners. We got to the museum by bus.

As soon as we got to there we were going to have a tour with Salty Sam. He was going to give us a guided tour around the Museum . While he was taking us around I saw lots of miniature ships that were in glass cages and I could also saw some ships that people used to sail on. There were also ships that people just made and put in the museum Lots of the ship were stitched together. One part of the tour was when we went in the immigrant ship cabin. Their there were bunks and things that they used for there food and water. While we were on the ship we were gently rolling.

After we went in he ships cabin we went to another ship Salty Sam told us steer the wheel but he kept on saying “No that's Wrong”. we were all puzzled and confessed because we didn’t know what we did wrong. We failed abysmally because we were looking the wrong way. We
were looking backwoods.

After we went on the tour with Salty Sam we were going to watch a movie. As soon as we got into to the room it was pitch dark like a movie theatre. We sat on wooden seats Ms Squires was out side trying to close the doors but the doors were automatic. Luckily Ms Squries snuck in at the nick of time. It was pitch black when the doors closed. It had a circular room that had three massive screens. I was ready to watch the movie. Finally the movie started.

On the first bit of the movie they said good bye to there family because they were going to sail away to another land. They knew where they were going because the stars,whales and the sun was showing them the right directions to go.
My favorite bit of the trip was when we went on the Ferry to Davenport and back. We were all outside on the deck clinging to the rails, with the wind in our faces. We were watching the water with all of the bubbles in it. We went speeding over a few bumps. As soon as we had finished our ride on the Ferry we were getting ready to go home on the bus.

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