Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross Country Day Is Finally Here

The whole school went to the court waiting for Cross Country. My legs were shaking starting to make me cold and my fingers were starting to get a bit numb. We were in our house colours. The house colours are TAKITIMU(yellow),TE ARAWA, (Red)TANUI (Blue) and MATATUA (green). My house colour was TAKITIMU (yellow)!!!

“10 year old come up onto the start line ready for your race” announced Mr Burt. Some of us were nervous. The clappers went bang and we went. We were all clumped together as some people were sprinting fast to get ahead of the bunch. When we were starting to spread out we left a couple people behind.
During the run I was trying not to stop like how champions never give up. It was really muddy, so muddy that I almost got stuck in it. It was squishing through my toes. As I went past Mrs Squires she was taking videos of people. I was hoping that she wouldn’t take a video of me.

Before I knew it I was getting closer to the finish line. With a burst of speed I was starting to sprint a little bit faster. As I was close to the finish line I could hear lots of people clapping and cheering for me. I was happy that my run was over. I had to quickly go and wash my feet and watch the other people run. I had fun doing that run. I tried my hardest so I was happy with my self.

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