Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Am I ?

My Core is made out of nickle and iron. How hot is it ? Well it so hot that it is 5000 degrees 'C. I also have a second layer called the Mantle. It is like a sea full of hot molten magma. If you didn't know I also another bit called the crust witch is the outer most layer on top of a layer of hot molten magma. On the Crust there are plates. Plates are like a jigsaw puzzle floating on top of the Mantle. Did you know that some plates are not connected ? Did you also know that the plates can move the same speed of your finger nail moving. Interestingly some plates are still drifting apart.


  1. Hi Ashleigh

    Wow, what a great graphic of the inside of the Earth. Did you draw it? You have included some interesting information. Well done.

  2. Thanks Mrs langitupu

    I did draw that image but I traced the countries on it.Thanks for the for that comment. I can't wat to read mnore of your intewrsting comment that you are doing on my blog.

    From Ashleigh

  3. You've also included an interesting explanation of the moving layers called crust and plates. Did this project help you understand the layers of the earth? It's very interesting science to think about how it all works.


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