Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Trip to Feeding The Ducks On A Calm Sunday

"Mummy when are we going to feed the ducks" my brother said. While we were just getting ready to go and feed the ducks. While we were on our way I was playing my Nintendo. Finlay we arrived. We all got out of the car and was ready to feed the ducks. When I went to feed some of the duck they were all looking at me suspiciously. As soon as we finished feeding some of those ducks we all moved on to another place we there we walked around we could see lots of different types of birds. It was interesting to see all of the different colours that they had. After we feed some ducks it was time we were going to go home.


  1. It was a lovely day Ashleigh enjoying time as a family. Tyrese kept eating the bread instead of feeding the ducks :) You were amazing on your skateboard. Next time you can take your roller blades. Love you love Mum xx

  2. Hi Ashleigh,

    It sound s like a fun day feeding the ducks.Did you do any tricks on the skateboard.Great Work!All though,there is a mistake in a little bit of it.See you at school.

    From your Best Friend Shoal.

  3. Hi Mum
    It was a good time to go out as a family. I rember Tyrese eating tha bread but I foret to add in how he was eating the bread. That's for talking us out on that day. Can't wait to have anther family outing.
    Love From Ashleigh


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