Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Exciting Immersion Assembly

My eyes lit up when I got in the hall because I could see all of the teachers dressed up all in costumes.I said to my self, "I wonder what our topic is going to be about this term?" Soon we all got settled into our places and then our principal Mr Burt came in and told us a little bit about what our topic was going to be this term.

After one term 3 and there item had finished it was time for my team(team 4) to do there item.First Maggie Magma,the host,announced the who were in the item. The peoples names were Miss cinders,Miss Lohar and Miss Bionic Tectonic Electronic Supersonic.The show was called "Are You Smarter Then A Ten Year Old".My favorite bit of the show was when Miss King ( one of the people in the show) kept on getting the wrong answers and saying silly answers. My other favourite part of the Immersion Assembly was team 5 because one of the teacher called Miss Tito was being funny by saying that one of the other teachers from our school was her friend her name was Miss Lavakula .She also said that her name was Miss Cooler Lava.

I can't to learn because it seems like it will be an interesting topic to learn about.

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