Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mr Bark's Cool Experiment

I wonder what we we are going to see down at the reserve with Mr Barks? I knew it was going to be about our topic this term but I wasn't quite sure what it was going to be about.

As soon as Mr Barks told us a little bit about what he was doing it all made sense. First he told us a little bit about the dried ice that he was using for the experiment to show the power of pressure. Did you know that dried ice is so cold that it would burn you because it is -75 degrees C? For Mr Barks to get that type of stuff he had to sign a lot of forms to say, that he wouldn't do anything silly with it.

He also brought some safety goggles to get the dried ice out of container) and an oven mitt and Tongs as safety precaution's. Suddenly. it was time he did the experiment. So we all waited with excitement ready to see what was going to happen.

He put in the dried ice and water into a bottle and made sure it was tight and secure. After a 20 second delay we all heard a massive boom. Mr Barks told use that the dried ice turned from solid to vapour but we couldn't see it. He also told us that the water speed it up. Soon he did one more. But this time he put the oven mitt he was using on top of the bottle.

The same as last time we all counted to 28 and then it all went "Bang!". The power split the stitching and ripped it all apart into two. It resembled a volcano eruption.

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