Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Weekend Outing

Have you ever been to Wakawhi beach?Well I have and so as my Aunties and cousins have.I went with them in the Weekends.There was a park there as well as a beach.While I was playing on the park I saw on really long slide.It looked like a cool slide to go on.I went down on the slide.While sliding down I felt like I was a snake slithering down because it was a slippery slide.Then I wanted another go so I had to climb all the way up to the top.
Beside The other side of the slide I saw my brother who had found a flying fox.So I ran all the way it to where he was and I stopped just to catch my breath.While waiting for my brother I shouted "Hurry Up"Because he was taking a long time to come back with the flying fox.He Finlay gave me the flying fox when he gave it to me he said "I am going to play touch with Dad and our Aunties.So I had the flying fox all to my self.While he was running to Dad I got on the flying fox.I pushed My self from the pole that was there and then I was zooming past things it felt like I was flying with all the wind going pass my face.Then I wanted to play touch with them so I left the Flying fox there and went to play But by the time I wanted to play we were going to go to Wakawhi beach that was just down the road where we were.My Dad drove us there then we saw that the tide was out but all of the sand looked like mud because it was soaking wet not damp but soaking.Then we just stay there for a little while and looked at how the wave were flowing in and out well my Aunties wen't really looking at the waves the were talking but I was looking at the waves.
Then it was time to go back home and have a shower have dinner and go to sleep ready for tomorrow.


  1. Hi Ashleigh

    Wakawhi beach i have never been there but sounds like a great place to go to in summer. I love having family times like this and funny how u mentioned your aunties talking and not paying attention to the waves I can relate to that haha. Looking forward to hearing more of your stories.

    bye for now

    ♣from Shoalees mum

  2. Hi Ashleigh, I have never been to that beach, but you made it sound like a fun place to go to. I think beaches can be just as much fun when the tide is out as when it is in because you can play in the mud. We certainly think that about Pt England beach anyway! Mrs Burt

  3. Hi Ashleigh,
    I love that you are adding some of your own stories that you have written at home. Awesome work!!! It sounded like a great day out. I can't wait to read some more of your posts. Keep up the great blogging.
    Ms Squires


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