Monday, February 15, 2010

On Friday we all lined up to go to room 15 to play a game called Capture the Flag.We were playing with room 14. First Miss King precisely explained the rules while we were listening attentively. As soon as Miss King divided us into teams we got straight into playing the game.Then we lined up and went on to the grass to play our game.The aim of the game is to get the flag to your territory. Capture the flag was a tactical game to play because it was a good strategy game to play.
On our first try we all ran all over the place trying to get the flag to our territory. Each time a team got a point we started all over again. People were cautiously guarding the safe side where we had to get the flag. Every time I got tagged I got gratefully rescued by somebody. As soon as Miss King said go we all charged like in a real war just to get the flag. The first point we got was from Starford.We all started cheering.Then we started all over again to see who will get the flag now. It was a really fun game to play. I was starting to get exhausted and sweaty while running back and forth all the time.
Then Oshania got a point for us.
Capture the flag is a tactical game which is also fun to play.I heard lots of people screaming.I tried to get into the safe spot were the flag was and luckily I got in and got the flag but when I tried to run out with the flag they tagged me so I had to put the flag back to where it belonged and go back to where I got tagged and wait for somebody to get me and take me back to our territory again.
It was exciting game for us to play because we had never played that game before.
Soon though it was almost time to eat our lunch so we had to stop our game.The score ended up being 5.1 so we won.


  1. I bet you were grateful to be rescued. I remember that game, soooo much fun! But like you, I thought getting tagged wasn't so fun.
    Thanks for sharing your recount with us Ashleigh, I look forward to seeing more on your blog.
    Miss Garden

  2. Hi Ashleigh,

    I liked the your entresting words .I wouldent change the channle if you know what I mean. Dont have time talk .

    Bye Brooklyn


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