Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection

Having the opportunity to use a netbook is really cool. I've had my netbook for about 3 years and have learnt many things along the way such as maths, reading, writing and many more. Having a netbook at such a young age gives us a good start for the future. I enjoy using a netbook.

With a netbook that means no more scrunched up pieces of paper or work that has gone missing. It also helps us to work individually and not always rely on our teachers as much as we used to.

Learn, create, share is one of our main focus for this year with netbooks. We create lots of things like movies, music, animation and stories. We also get the chance to post it on our very own blog so that everyone in the world can see our work. If we had books the only people that see it, are our teachers, family and friends.

Google is the main site we use. We have our own google accounts which stores all our work. Our account gives us access to things like google docs, gmail,google sites and many more.

The things that I have mostly improved this year is using interesting vocab, proofreading and edit my work and pronounce words I didn't know how to. Netbooks are a fun and interesting way to learn.

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