Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Narrative about the Beach

The sun was blazing down on mum and the kids as they lazed outside on the deck. It felt like we were in a oven get cooked.  “Why don’t we pack our bags and spend some time at the beach” thought mum. Everyone agreed with that idea. So they quickly got their stuff ready and left. They also called some of their family members to join them.

On our way to the beach mum’s phone started to vibrate. It was her sister saying that she can’t make it because her car had broken down. Sadly they would have to go to the beach without them. Luckily they had other people that could come.

When they arrived they saw that they weren't the only ones that wanted to go to the beach. There were people everywhere. People swimming, making sand castles relaxing on the sand and a new thing they recently put in jumping of the rock.”Cool the rocks”said everyone in excitement. But then Vivienne suggested, "Let's go play water volleyball down the other end of the beach."

"Cool idea!"

Splashing and jumping to hit the ball everyone soon forgot about their little cousins Tom and Jerry. "Hey has anybody seen Tom and Jerry?" Vivienne yelled. So they got out of the water and split up looking for them. “Where are they, I thought they were with you” I said angrily but worried. We had checked every where except for one place, The Rocks.  In a flash they all ran to the rocks. To their surprise they found both Tom and Jerry just lying on the rocks judging who did the best tricks when they jumped off.”Pheww” they said wiping the sweat of their foreheads.

From then on they always kept sight of them.Making sure that they were always in the right place. The final thing they did was get an ice cream then it was back home for them. The twins ended up sleeping in the car, properly tired from watching people jump.

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  1. Hi Ashleigh,
    This narrative was interesting to read. It was really funny to hear that Tom and Jerry were missing. I can't wait to read more interesting post. KEEP IT UP ASHLEIGH!!!



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