Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sports Rotation

"What are we doing next?" I asked our team captain Toreka. All of the Senior school was out playing games while our teachers had a look at what the junior bit of the school was doing. We did activities like singstar, decorating shells, obstacle courses and cyber coach. It was fun to play games first thing in the morning especially for team points.

Each group did 4 activities.The 4 activities we did were Singstar, Jump Jam (dancing), watching the Toyshop Production and decorating Cookies and shells. My favourite activity was watching the Toy Shop because it was fun to see what our friends looked like when they were younger.”Hey there’s you,” said my friend Shoal. I was dressed up as a Bear.

My other favourite activity was decorating cookies and shells. We had to split into 4 groups. But we couldn’t just decorate them in any way, we had to make something that related to the Olympics. In my group we decided to draw the Olympic torch with felt pens on the shell.

It was a lot of fun and I hope that that we can do it again soon.

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