Monday, August 20, 2012


Smoking is very bad for your health. It has over 4000 chemicals and a very addictive drug called nicotine. The health problems it causes are heart disease, throat cancer, black lungs and circulation problems. If its really bad your toes might go black and you might need to get your leg cut off. In New Zealand over 4500-5000 people die every year because of smoking.

Not only does smoking affect your body from the inside it can affect your body from the outside as well. It can  give you things like rotten and yellow teeth,yellow fingernails.It also makes your skin dry up giving you wrinkles.

The cost is also a big thing especially if you smoke a packet a day you spend $15 a day on a packet of cigarettes that's about $420 a month.You could save heaps of money and spend it on something you will want in the future.

Why do teenages start? Is it because they want to look cool in front of their friends or is it because they are pressured to? In order to not smoke you have to stand up for yourself.

So I think it is better not to start smoking.

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