Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My life with out a netbook

This year is so much cooler and better with our little device; our Netbook. Last year I used to write on scrunched up paper and no one could see my writing. But now everyone in the world can see what I am learning. It is the new way of learning!

Our netbooks are helping us to learn by our self and not relaying on our teacher too much. We also have access to a lot of things that will help us learn a whole lot more like videos, rubrics and information.

There are some problems however, that are quite annoying. One of them is the slow Internet connection. Also the drawing tool is really babyish. But I'm sure that those problems can be fixed.

It the pilot failed it would be terrible - a nightmare even! I would really miss my netbook and again we would have to go back to scrunched up paper and that would be very boring.

I feel that we are learning a lot more and it is much easier. I can hardly ima gne coming to school without my netbook.

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  1. Lovely story Ash. I know how much you love your netbook :)



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