Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Our class went into the hall to have a lesson on playing with a lady called Donna that plays badminton.Badminton is just like tennis but instead of hitting a tennis ball you hit a shuttle.

There are different tenancies that you can use like the forehand the back hand and the overhand.You also have to have quick body movement and a careful aim.It felt a bit awkward hitting the shuttle.

One of the activities that we did was get a partner and practice the way we hit the shuttle.We also had to count how many times we could rally the ball to our each other.

At the end of the lesson we had a little game where you had to try hit the ball, but if you missed the shuttle, the next person in the line takes you place.We played in doubles.If you hit the shuttle right in the middle of your racket you can hear a pinging noise.

It was cool playing Badminton.I wish we could play it everyday.

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