Friday, November 19, 2010

Going on a Bug Hunt

Going on a Bug Hunt
“ We are going to the trees, by the school gate to look if we can find any Little Critters(Bugs)"said Miss Squires.So we were getting ready to go and see if we could find any Little Critters.

On our way Rita found a beetle with a black but hard shinny coat. I held it for a while. It felt ticklish. Then we started to carry on looking.

Clambering over rocks we were ripping off the bark when we saw a colony of ants. We started to notice that we were destroying its habit. They all started to all scurry away with its egg sac trying to protect their baby's that were inside of the egg sac. “ Look theirs a spider as well trying to run away with the egg sac"cried out some other people from our class.

After we saw the ants we were searching for more bugs. Beside us we found logs that we were left over from when someone cut down a tree. We wanted to push it over so we got some people and with and with all our might we manged to push it over. We found a black spider with long legs in a tight hole. We also found alot of other things as well all over the place.

Now we had finished looking it was time for us to go back to class.

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