Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Nana's Birthday

On a normal day when we went to school. I just remembered that it was my Nana's birthday. So my brother and I said “Happy Birthday” and Manu ia Louasofanau which mean Happy Birthday in Samoan.During school I made a card for her and I was going to give it to her after school. Suddenly school was over.

When my Mum picked us up she dropped my Nana of at home. After she dropped her of she said that we are going to put on a surprise dinner for her. First we went to Pack-in save to buy some stuff for the dinner and we also got the ingredient's to make the cake as well. After that we had to cook and prepare the dinner. We had some pork,potato salad and a whole lot more to eat. We were going to have apple pie for desert and a slice of cake. So that meant that we were going to eat allot. Time was going fast. The fun bit of making dinner and desert was making the cake.

Finally it was time my mum was going to pick up my Nana. We were going to hide and when she walked in we were going to pop out of our place and say surprise and then sing Happy Birthday because the cake was already lit. After that we were going to eat dinner. After a lovely meal we had desert and then I gave Nana the card I made. I would say that the best bit about That day was seeing my Nana's smile and eating the food.


  1. Hi Ashleigh,
    I really think that, that post was really nice and sweet. I would really be happy if my nana could have the biggest smile in the whole entire world just because she had the best feeling she could ever have. keep up the good work.
    From Makerita.

  2. Hi Asheigh you have written a wonderful recount and I think your Nana will be proud of you KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!!



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