Thursday, April 22, 2010

My fun Easter friday

On a Friday we were Luckily enough to have a day of school.Why?Because it was Easter Friday(also known as good Friday).We had a Easter hunt around our house.We were going to go to the park and have our hunt.But then we thought that somebody might steel our eggs.Even if we went to a park were nobody was there someone could have easily came to play and saw eggs a taken them and eat them.That wouldn't be fair.So that's why we Had it our house.It would have been just as fun like having at the park. Now it was time we had our Easter hunt.So my brother I ran up stairs to our room.i was so excited I just wanted to get the Easter eggs and eat them all instead of having a Easter hunt but I did want to have a hunt.Then It was time that we got to find some of the Easter eggs.All of the Easter eggs were outside at the back of our house and around different places in our house.

Then we dashed everywhere just to find some Easter eggs i was so excited I accidentally fell over in my backyard.Then I got up and started to look around the place to find some Easter eggs.while I was searching for eggs I found out that My little brother was cheating with my Nana inside because she was showing my baby brother were most of the Easter eggs were inside while we were looking for Easter eggs outside.I said "hey that's not fair ".
by the time our mum said to came into the siting room to count how many Easter eggs we had I ended up having 3 Easter eggs but I was sure I had more ester eggs but they must have fallen out of my bag.
After that we got a big Easter egg and went to the park.It was a fun Easter Friday
I hope you enjoyed you Easter Friday because I did.



    You had a fun Easter Friday! Shoal and Khaia and their baby sister just bunked in the sitting room all day Friday eating all their Easter eggs same time watching movies with their dad and I. I like Easter egg hunts and might do that with them next year. Maybe at the park next time for you but maybe in a small area where you know it will be safe to hide chocolate eggs? cos i wouldn't want my Easter eggs stolen. bye for now.

    ♫ Shoals mum ♫

  2. Thank you for commenting. If we didn't have our Easter hunt we would have just bunked in the sitting room all day! I cant wait for next years Easter hunt!


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